What’s the Most Common Cause of Damage to Drywall?

Drywall damage is common in many homes. However, many people wonder exactly how the damage got there and how it was caused. There are many ways which drywall can become damaged, but some are more common than others. Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons homeowners need drywall repair matthews nc and the cause of the damages.

1.    Minor Damage: Anyone that notices small, minor damage to the drywall in the home should call for repair service at once. All too often people who need repair service do so as a result of small holes getting bigger.

2.    Furniture: Moving furniture around can easily cause damage to your drywall. You’ll be happy to know that most furniture drywall damage is minor and may be a simple DIY fix.

3.    Popped Nails: This problem can usually be fixed with a hammer and nails if the damage is caught while still minor. Do not nail back in the same exact spot since this may cause more damage.

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4.    Water Damage: If you suspect the drywall damage is caused by water, call a plumber as soon as possible. That comes before anything else. If water damage is the cause of drywall damage, you cannot make a repair until the original cause of trouble is repaired.

5.    Termites: Termites can damage drywall. You should always schedule termite inspections because this pest causes massive damage to the home. Signs that your drywall damage is caused by termites include paint bubbling, crumbing baseboards, and small pinholes.

6.    Cracking: Cracks are small and harmless, right? Wrong. Small cracks get larger and turn into problems that need professional assistance. You may even find that cracks damage the home’s foundation!

Don’t delay drywall repairs when damage occurs, whether caused by one of the problems above or something else. It is a mistake that you will regret!